Build creative community and solve business problems through civic and business innovation.

Assembly Required grew out of a desire to turn keynote-worthy ideas into practical action applied on a local level.

When attending conferences nationwide, we often found ourselves well-inspired, but ill-equipped to implement what we learned at home. We wanted that to change. We know that change within a community happens bottom-up, not top-down. It starts with passionate, hard-working individuals.

So we formed Assembly Required - a non-profit focused on helping Baton Rouge become a better city. We host quarterly local gatherings that exist to equip locals with perspectives, relationships, and practical steps necessary to catalyze change in their communities through civic and business innovation.

The evening events features A-List speakers with compelling perspectives, proven track records, and practical applications. At an Assembly Required event, attendees will collide with a refreshingly eclectic mix of folks from diverse spaces and places. We host our events in locations that embed attendees deep within the community, and we select unusual facilities that will challenge expectations. Our hope is that every participant walks away inspired, equipped, and connected - ready for assembly.

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businesses spurred by Some Assembly Required connection and inspiration
donated to nonprofits from ticket proceeds of the 2019 season
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speakers from 8 states
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