We created Assembly Required because great things happen when people come together.

Assembly Required is a conference series produced by ThreeSixtyEight. We are not “just another creative conference.” Instead, Assembly Required exists to gather people who want to creatively and actionably improve their communities. We facilitate this by hosting local gatherings that feature national speakers who bring an essential perspective to Louisiana locals. With every event we hope to attract talented people from industries that normally wouldn't meet. We believe that this combination will foster unique conversations that lead to real opportunities for positive improvement in communities of all kinds.

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"Meet the conference series that equips people to build better communities together."

What to Expect at SOME Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required (SAR) is the micro-event version of our capstone conference. In this series, we feature a small group format with facilitated discussions, workshops, and expert talks targeting common difficulties faced by young professionals. Simply put, we deliver high-impact, concentrated information in a sustainable event format that’s more intimate than a conference. SAR emphasizes the following:

1. Support networking between community leaders and young professionals by gathering attendees in a laid-back setting with brews and bites.

2. Equip attendees with tools and information to combat common challenges experienced by professionals and creatives in our community.


ThreeSixtyEight creates unique digital experiences through beautiful websites, engaging video content, and measurable brand strategies.

Complementing our digital services is the Big Fish Presentations service line, where we turn presentations into experiences using high quality presentation design, conference experience production, and public speaker training workshops.

We seek to empower the state of Louisiana to embrace its creative confidence and chase after big ideas by uniting some of our state’s most creative and innovative talent. That drive led us to create Assembly Required.

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