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Watch the night unfold in this highlight reel. Then check out each speaker's presentation to get the full effect of Assembly Required.


Franz Borghardt of Geaux Rouge opens Assembly Required: Innovators in Food with a monologue about innovation, his thoughts on how brunch can change the world, and how by shining light on others can help build you in ways you've never thought of.

Bill DiPaola, President and COO of Dat Dog, opened the night with a high-energy presentation about the importance of "the light you turn on in others." Learn how he grows and elevates his team, and why he believes in a team that challenges his ideas.

Mark Ramadan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sir Kensington's, wrapped up the night, and his message was worth the wait. Three years after bottling their first ketchup, Mark and his business partner realized they needed a company mission. Learn more about his strategy of building a company from purpose, path, and then product.


Ryan Andre, Corporate Chef of City Pork, chats with host, Franz Borghardt, about getting his ideas from TV and learning how to break down a recipe just from tasting a dish. Watch him prepare Korean fried chicken with assistant Sean Rivera in this cooking demonstration.

Michael Gulotta, Executive Chef/Partner of MoPho and Maypop, understands innovation because he's continuously reinventing himself. Gulotta challenges everyone to get out of their comfort zones, and has the experience to support that challenge. Hear his story of combating opposition whether being himself or "hyper-evolving" Vietnamese cuisine.

Robbie Vitrano, CEO of Good Spread and Innisfree, provided a global perspective through one of our most common food products, peanut butter. Vitrano tackles malnutrition, women empowerment in third world countries, and preserving orangutan habitats. Hear how something as simple as peanut butter can make such an impact on so many global issues.


Elana Schulman, Supervising Producer of Vice MUNCHIES, is a giddy, fun speaker who shares her journey of being the "weird girl" in high school to being the kick-ass weird girl who produces a show about food that doesn't take itself too seriously.


Vanessa Lavorato, Founder of Marigold Sweets and Co-host of Vice Bong Appétit, does what no one in Louisiana is doing, yet. But she'll always do it better. Her high-end, cannabis edibles are aesthetically beautiful and created for the sophisticated enthusiast. She didn't follow the pack, and she tells you why you shouldn't either.

Our title sponsor LA Tech Park has their executive director Stephen Loy talk about what Assembly Required means to the community and the impact he hopes the Tech Park to have on Louisiana businesses.